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  1. 你好,我用freehostia上传了个WordPress,现在就是发现不能在线搜索主题和插件,提示:“API请求出现了HTTP错误”,这个怎么解决,麻烦解答下,谢谢了!

    1. wow, wonderful Miguel, I like the color. And it is no longer my design, It’s yours. I should say thank you. That is really beautiful.

  2. Page!

    We are very blessed by your theme! We have only slightly modified the cosmetics to adapt them to our specific purposes.

    We are so grateful for your generosity, for sharing your designs with us all.

    I do want to seek your counsel on one thing. We have a problem with the “Older Entries>>” navigation on the home page. It just redisplays the same posts. It works on category pages, though.

    I’ve looked into this quite a bit on various forums. I have not given up; however, I wonder if you’ve also experienced this problem. Thoughts?

    Again, we are so pleased with the wonderful themes you design. You have made our little web site launching so much easier!

    Best regards,

    Mike and Liz Strong
    Austin, TX

  3. Thank you for the beautiful theme, page-style 1.6. It’s perfect for my niche, and I love it! I’m using it for an e-commerce site and have a few questions.
    1. My home page is a static page so I need to remove the reference to either “home” or its title under the menu. (Both “Home” and the page’s title are duplicating each other.) Where can I do that?
    2. Because my home page is static, I’d like to be able to move the “Subscribe via feed” RSS widget in the green sidebar. Is this possible? Perhaps only put it on the blog page?
    3. I’m finding that sentences are getting cut off at the edges of the content boxes instead of wrapping to the next line, including widgets. How do I fix that?
    4. In one widget, “AddThis”, the “share” button is running off the left edge of the sidebar instead of centering. How do I get it to center?
    5. I’d like to put my contact info in the header rather than in a widget. Is this possible? Can I customize the header?

    Can you either give me some direction for this so I can do it myself. I was able to flip the main content box so it’s on the right, but I have very little knowledge about programming or design. I have very little money and have been doing everything myself. I do love this theme and would like to keep it.

    If it requires more complex programming and design knowledge, how much would you charge to do it for me?

    Thank you for your help.

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