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diary-k screenshot
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This theme supports widget, threaded-comments, theme-options,and translation is ready. Also including multi level dropdown menu and PSD files. Simple , Practical and Stay updated.

This theme has been tested in the major browsers ( – Firefox 3- Internet Explorer 7- Opera 9.5& Chrome),and Valid XHTML,CSS2.1.Please feel free to submit feedback if you have any problem.

This theme is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the GPL.

このテーマは主要なブラウザで(Firefox 3- Internet Explorer 7- Opera 9.5& Chrome)テストされていました。問題があれば、お気軽に意見を提出してください。

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55 thoughts on “Free WordPress theme diary-k released

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  2. Hi, nice theme. I am using this them but want to know how I can have one header for the home page and one for the rest of the site. I have looked at the WP forums but most suggestions say that the change needs to be made in the index.php file. but the index file for this theme is irregular to what I have seen in the past.

    1. 一般来说不冲突,尤其是此theme 并没有使用任何JS,你可适当排除查看,是何原因,应该是别的plugin冲突。因为本站也使用这个插件,例如

  3. 谢谢分享,非常喜欢这个主题,

    1. 这是一款基于GPL授权的作品,所以,你可以随便更改,只要你遵循协议。修改方法,建议搜索CSS相关教程,无法详细描述。

    1. 一样啊,我正在考虑禁用啊,确实容易搞错东西的。不建议初生blog用这个,不容易戒掉啊,以后评论越来越多,就越麻烦。

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